The Dragon Wars (5th)

Explore the Tor

Vulgaris Magistralis leads our adventurers into a mausoleum built into the side of a tor. His map – taken from the manor of Lord Arakiel – brought him here, and he intends to find out what the importance of this place is.

Upon entering the broken stone doors, they found some old, dusty items strewn about the main room. unhindered by the musty stench permeating the area, they fought off several waves of rats – and lit a banner and table on fire. Luckily, the tall ceilings protected them from the smoke as they explored the remainder of the mausoleum. They solved a riddle given to them from a statue in the first room they explored, and were gifted with 2 healing potions.

The second stone door was opened, and several goblins laying in wait got the jump on the group – firing their crossbows from the darkness they were hiding in. After a tough battle, the group was able to exterminate the goblin group – but not after suffering some injuries. Tired from the battles, they decided to rest before exploring the 3rd and final door in the main room of the mausoleum.

Beyond this 3rd stone doorway, a long hallway kept our adventurers on their toes as they progressed – empty … with only a large tarp at the end. Vulgaris stealthily lifted the bottom corner of the tarp and was taken aback by the strong stench of death and decay that lay beyond – zombies. Three zombies protected this room, and had already apparently taken out another group of goblins. Using combat tactics, our adventurers lit the tarp on fire and lured the zombies into it – making quick work of them. Garrett Greenbottle became ill from the strong stench of the decaying remains in the room as Vulgaris and Mumbo Jumbo explored the rest of this preparation chamber – given away by the embalming tools that littered the tables and shelves. However, there was a rope hanging from a hole in the ceiling of this room – making a formidable way in or out – and another hallway exit opposite their entrance.

Tending more to their wounds, their rest was interrupted by loud singing from the hole above. “I am I, Don Quixote – The Lord of La Mancha …” echoed through the mausoleum. Not knowing who was above them, the group hid – all but Vulgaris. Descending down the rope, Don Quixote met with the rest of our adventurers. After some discussion, Don Quixote joined up with our adventurers – and Don Quixote now has new recruits to aid him on his supposed crusade.

Deciding to explore more, our adventurers found a locked stone doorway at the end of the hallway, and another narrow hallway with some spiderwebs. Without any way to open the door, the narrow hallway was next. The hallway led to a small room with several dead bodies and spiderwebs. Jumping out from the body piles, 2 large wolf spiders were hoping to feast on our adventurers – but failed. Among the bodies, a key and a locket were found. Inside the locket was a picture of a male Dwarf and a female Elf with the inscription “Always. Love, Taklinn” – Vulgaris then knew what his next task would be once they had finished exploring this place.

The key successfully opened the locked stone door, opening up to the burial chamber – which had now been transformed into some type of altar. And was filled with more zombies. One such zombie being the large warrior that was at rest here. During the fierce battle between our adventurers and the zombies, Don Quixote suffered a fatal blow and bled out. However, our remaining adventurers were victorious. Leaving the heavily armored Don Quixote behind, our group climbed the rope to inform Sancho – Don Quixote’s friend and squire – of the death of Don Quixote. They planned to bury the body under a tree near this mausoleum.

As they went in to retrieve the body, strange piles of oozing flesh – with some semblance of a human upper body – were seen dragging his body back to the altar room. Another fierce battle ensued as our adventurers fought off several of these oozing flesh piles as well as some imps and a spined devil. Don Quixote’s body was merely seconds away from being taken through a viscous liquid that now sat on top of the altar before the devils were bested, and his body successfully retrieved. None of them had ever experienced such creatures, but they seemed to have come from the liquid. Garrett began attempting to fight this liquid pool, but was almost dragged inside in the process. However, he was able to keep from falling in, and the liquid seemed to have dissipated or drained … either way, it was now gone, and no more zombies or demons were in the mausoleum – And Don Quixote’s body could finally be put to rest. They spent the rest of their day burying Don Quixote and returning to the town of Thornapple to rest for the night.

The Meeting
Character Backstories

Vulgaris Magistralis carefully examines the patrons in the “Charming Chalice” – the local tavern of Thorn Apple – as he sits at a small table in the corner. Confident that none are after his head, Vulgaris reviews his map, but is quickly disrupted by the entrance of a well-dressed Halfling accompanied by a brash Dwarf. Assured that these midgets are no threat to him, Vulgaris approaches and invites them to his table. After several drinks and much deliberation, Vulgaris invites Garrett Greenbottle and Mumbo Jumbo to accompany him on his quest to seek out the location on his map. Intrigued by the adventure, both agree to join.

Our “Adventurers” wait out the morning downpour and leave just before mid-day, accompanied by a refreshing drizzle as they head towards the unknown that awaits them in the Northern hills.

Vulgaris Magistralis – A blacksmith from Ivalice. When the over-zealous religious tyranny of St. Cuthbert established dominance in Ivalice, Vulgaris rallied a militant uprising. He led an attack on Lord Arakiel’s manor in an effort to return freedom to his hometown. Unfortunately, Vulgaris was not successful in his efforts, and few escaped with their lives. Since then, Lord Arakiel has been hunting the survivors, and now only Vulgaris remains – with his smithing tools to remind him of his home. Hoping to finish what he started, Vulgaris seeks out the location on a torn map taken from Lord Arakiel’s manor.

Garrett Greenbottle – A well-respected gardener from the Capital of Leonia. With a natural green-thumb, he quickly earned the respect of many nobles for his masterful landscaping abilities – and was requested by name when seeking work from the Gardener’s Guild. With shears in hand, he could turn any shrub into a work of art – and to not know a Greenbottle garden would label you a cretin. Almost overnight, Garrett Greenbottle returned his outstanding contracts to the other guild members to fulfill, and shut himself off from the rest of the world. Days later, Garrett was seen leaving the capital wearing the most intricate vest imaginable – perhaps the final works of Garrett Greenbottle.

Mumbo Jumbo – A nomadic entertainer with the troupe “Animals for the People.” This wandering trio made their living using their Druidic connection with nature to entertain others on the city streets. Seemingly controlling wild animals through song and music. However, these animals were, in-fact, the performers themselves. After a ritualistic sacrifice in the moonlit night, Mumbo Jumbo could take the form of a variety of wild animals – and they found that the more wild the animal, the more money they could bring in. “Animals for the People” was brought to the capital of Leonia to entertain for Grand-Wizard Miirik Lorsvek’s 111th birthday. Curiously wandering the wizard’s tower at night, they stumbled upon a wild creature – never before seen by any of them. With a failed attempt to quickly kill the creature, it took the form of Grand-Wizard Miirik Lorsvek. He quickly turned 2 members of the troupe into toy soldiers for their failed assassination attempt as Mumbo Jumbo hid. Mumbo Jumbo promptly left the capital with both toy soldiers in-hand … unsure of how to bring his companions back to life, he goes forth into the world.


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